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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Hot on the heels of this entry, comes the news that NYU Teaching Assistants went on strike.

NEW YORK (AP) -- About 1,000 graduate assistants started striking against New York University on Wednesday over its refusal to bargain with or recognize their union.


At a private school to boot. Something like that will never happen here of course, which is why I read about what's happening at NYU with such awe and nostalgia. There are too many careerists, academic fashionistas and assholes here that I wouldn't trust any further than I can throw them.

It is so amazing that any group of graduate students can have such solidarity. You always find that group of sellouts, chickenshits and wusses who can only talk a good game until crunch time arrives, that fuck it up for everybody and leave the purists out to dry.

Go get 'em, ... Uh, does NYU have a mascot?

Go get 'em anyway, you city slickers!

If you spot any scabs, I'll go up there and deal with those bedwetters myself.

And all you fans of Ayn Rand who are probably appalled, well, no one can help you with that affliction. That's a problem you're going to have to overcome yourself. I suggest therapy, and checking your asshole for a long thick rod that might be lodged in that rectum.


PS. More recent entries on this here and here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there's a hunger strike coming soon....

Sun Nov 20, 11:06:00 PM  

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